The LASIAN industrial range of biomass boilers is designed to provide heating or the energy necessary for certain industrial processes, with high energy efficiency. The use of the latest technology in LASIAN industrial biomass boilers makes the product suitable for all types of large-area applications; with compact designs, low level of pollution, due to the use of renewable energy, and great financial savings.

The LASIAN industrial range biomass boilers work with different types of solid fuels, such as pellets, almond shells, pomace and olive pits. For the use of other solid fuels, contact the LASIAN technical department.

LASIAN biomass boilers meet all performance and emission requirements in accordance with Directive 2009/125/EC on ecodesign requirements applicable to energy-related products (ErP).


From 80 to 230 kW


From 180 to 520 kW


From 200 to 4000 kW


From 100 to 2000 kW


Pellets are a fuel with ecological and financial benefits obtained by compacting sawdust, generally into a cylindrical shape of 2-3 cm. They are characterised mainly by their great heating value and low CO2 emissions,

• They are easy to store and transport.

• Provide great, constant heating value.

• Low CO2 emissions, helping to reduce greenhouse gases and acid rain.

• Cheaper than fossil fuels.

• Odour-free and not harmful to health.

• Encourage forest clearing; thus reducing the risk of fires.