80 – 100 – 125 – 150 – 200 – 230 kW


  • Steel boiler for biomass with 3 smoke passages.
  • Bottom-up burner, which can be used for various fuels such as pellets, almond shells or olive pits.
  • Small in size, to facilitate installation in boiler rooms.
  • The width of all BIOCOMBY models is 700 mm, which can fit through standard doors.
  • Max working pressure 3 bar.
  • The upper door frame is air-cooled and, when heated, is used as secondary air to optimise combustion.
  • The same system is used to cool the frame, and this preheated air is used as primary air.
  • The fuel is supplied by two independent motors and a fuel jump to prevent flashbacks with an anti-deflagration system.
  • Supplied fully assembled (without wiring).
BIOCOMBY right side
BIOCOMBY left side

Hermetic hopper with hinged lid and connection to the main silo.

Unbreakable, metal closure, with a stop to prevent falling.

The smoke box allows the chimney to be connected either horizontally or vertically.


Simple frame (standard)

Boiler components

  • Primary and secondary turbines.
  • Burner auger and hopper auger.
  • Ash collection.
  • Semi-automatic ignition.

External components

  • Primary pump control (NO power).


  • – Smoke.
  • – Boiler.
  • – Buffer tank.

Safety devices

  • Thermostat.
  • Flow switch.

Control options

  • External start: Via a potential-free contact.
  • Boiler Ok: Potential-free contact indicates if there is an alarm in the boiler.

Panel with autonomous cyclone control

Same as a simple box (standard) plus the following:

  • Boiler components.
  • Cyclone with extractor that self-regulates the depression in the boiler through a PID system.

Semi-automatic ignition

Optionally, it can be installed in all the BIOCOMBY models.

Ash compactor

Can be installed on all models, either on the right or left side.

Cyclone + Extractor

Can be installed in all BIOCOMBY models. It regulates the depression through the PID system and needs a panel with autonomous cyclone control.


Metal or fabric silos to be installed outdoors, for the following fuels:

  • Pellets
  • Shells
  • Olive pits

Our technical office will study each case and provide the best solution according to the type of installation and fuel used.

Flexible transport via auger.



Shaker with lifting system.

Shaker with metal silo and lift loading system.

Shaker with metal silo and lift loading system.

Double silo with lifting system.