Maintains optimal combustion in any situation.
Compensates for the soiling factor, atmospheric conditions and pellet quality.

Clean glass system

Weekly chrono-thermostat

Deflagration safety device

Smart connection


Connects to the existing home Wi-Fi network and, together with the LASIAN Wi-Fi Control app, enables remote management of the stove or boiler. Plug & Play connection.

Allows remote assistance from the factory (e.g. viewing and modification of programming parameters, downloading and reloading the machine’s programming, restoration of factory conditions), remote alarm reception and unlocking.
LED operating indicators.
DC power supply included.

Compatible with already installed equipment.


Free app for smartphones and tablets.
Allows you to view and modify the stove or boiler operating status remotely (e.g. turn on/off, unblock, modify set point or enter a time schedule).
Alarms can be received and unlocked from a mobile or tablet, and requests for assistance sent by email.
The installer can access the list of all installed stoves and boilers from the app, and manage and supervise them remotely to verify the proper functioning of the machine.
The stove or boiler has an operating hours history log as well as a counter for total operating hours since its installation.

Available on Google Play and App Store.


Alternative option when you do not have an Internet connection.
Send an SMS from a mobile to turn on/off and remotely control boiler or stove.